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For long duration of stays discounts are available. Kindly contact the owner.


I wish you a lovely stay here, a former Inn and Hotel as well as a guesthouse.

But now a Bed & Break fixed.

Here in the old buildings there is something for all the senses, who have a really good atmosphere, with crackling floors, nostalgic and cozy rooms. Sparkling chickens in the garden, and the garden there is a large or cozy kitchen area and fireplace. A nice garden with a little lake and fish, as well as hooks where you can sit and enjoy yourself.


Historical buildings.

The Old Hotel has an exciting history behind it. Buildings are from the 1800s, so the walls could speak a lot.

Kro Mutter, who was also the hotel's boyfriend, was busy with all the indoor activities and kept track of the staff and Kro Fatter who had the outdoor work, walked around with his wristwatch and the skirt on the slant, and the bow in the mouth, both made sure that everyone The guests were good and not least that they had something good to eat. A beer with regular guests, there was always time for it.

In the party hall there have been many festivals throughout the time. The dance for dimming balls, seen movies, when the traveling cinema came to the City. On stage, the dilettant and theater have been played back in 1932. The scene's middle wall shows autographs and years from the various amateur actors involved.

Then there was just the year's party where the Skærbæk fishermen and Taulov beans were danced, sung, drunk and fun with the girls of the region. If one of the fishermen caught a Taulov girl or vice versa, it almost ended in a fight. It was a bit of history about that.

Of Respect for the history and the unique atmosphere that is at the place here, I have tried to maintain as much of the Old Hotel as possible ... ..

I have a penchant for the old ones once upon a time, the old things as well as antiques / flea bottoms that you could find in the rooms and in the store.


In the rooms you will find several things with prices. (Available to buy) There is a small selection from the Old Hotels store located on the ground floor.


At the various meals there will always be taste samples from the different specialties as well as homemade leek, if you like it, you can buy it in the store.

Also there are specialties Beer / Wine and various organic juices. Chocolate / Cream buns. The flower can be ordered to accompany the landlord. 

I have two large dogs, children friendly.

Car park just outside the door. 

TV / Wi-Fi / El boiler / Coffee and tea in all rooms. without charge

House Rules for the Old Hotels B & B


  1. The house is a non-smoking home. The smokers are welcome to go to the garden garden or the garden. Remember to throw the shovel into the bin. THANKS.
  2. There should be no candle light and other kind of open fire in the rooms.
  3. Please do not leave the rooms with open windows or the heating on. The Old Hotel reserves the right to check if everything is turned off and closed.
  4. Any damage to inventory or goods ... .. will be charged to the account.
  5. Show respect for the place and its guests, please avoid unnecessary noise after 22:00
  6. The Old Hotels B & B does not assume responsibility for money or electricity. Other items of value not delivered for storage.
  7. Everyone will always clean up after you / yourself. This in the kitchen, in the bathrooms as well as in the remaining common area. The used service is placed in the green bellows for the dishes.
  8. Arriving at the B & B after a party or something else. Please respect the other guests and the hostess. (Be silent J ssssh)
  9. Check out by noon at. 11.00. Unless otherwise agreed.
  10. Have a nice stay and have a nice time.

Thank you in advance for your good wishes and wishing you a pleasant stay here at The Old Hotels B & B.

Yours sincerely, Tina Rømer


Important Important!

Common events may take place in the form of shared barbecue, culinary delights, game evening / competition, bonfires with puff pastry or pancakes ... mm

If you have a suggestion for a common good, then come and tell.

Information about the various events can be seen on the board hanging in the hallway over the stairs.

Kindly welcome Rice and Roses. Come to me or call 51 29 66 59

The Old Hotel - B & B


Accommodation per person

275,00 kr.

Double room

450,00 kr.

Extra bed

150,00 kr.

Cleaning per room

100,00 kr.

Breakfast flat

65,00 kr.

Only for craftsmen.

Craftsmen - call and hear more.

Book 14 days to over 3 months at a time and get a great deal. 


By booking 14 days up to 3 months

196,00 kr. + VAT per day

By booking 3 months and over

176,00 kr. + VAT per day


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